Our Team

The Team at Grace Charitable Trust

Founded in 2007, Grace Charitable Trust has grown steadily over the last 10years to support more and more children. With four school buses and tuition centres in seven villages the team are committed to making sure that the children get the most out of their opportunities. Here you can find out who the hardworking team are that make the Trust a success.

Solomon Daniel, Founder and Managing Trustee

Solomon grew up in the area alongside the Adivasi and spotted early on that many of his childhood friends dropped out of school at an early age. He has done a variety of jobs including working as a driver and guide in the Mudmalai Tiger Reserve, taking people for safaris and sightseeing. In fact his knowledge of the jungle wildlife often means he is the first person called when a dangerous snake is found in the village! Solomon is a graduate of a theological seminar in Coimbatore and is paster of his local church. He lives in Masinagudi with his wife, Vidhya, and two children, Jennifer and John.

Our Drivers – Mohan, Shaji and Praveen

Mohan (Grandpa), driver

  1. Mohan is a very important person in Grace Charitable Trust. He is a driver and takes charge of all the vehicles of the charity. He is 60 years old and the children call him Thatha (Grandpa)! He takes care of every child on the bus and drives to many different schools and villages, always with a smile!
  2. Shaji is a dedicated driver and transports the children from  Kurumbarpallam village  to GTR School, Bokkapuram Village. He is a real good friend for the children.
  3. Praveen is also a driver who drives the bus in Thengumarahada, which is far away from all human civilization. He is a skillful driver and drives the bus with children off-road and through the rivers everyday.

Our Teachers – Puspa, Sudha, Balan, Vijitha, Kethi and Sathya

  1. Puspa is a tribal woman in Anaikatti village and a teacher of GCT tuition center . She encourages all the children to work smart.
  2.  Sudha is a resident of Chemmanatham village and a volunteer teacher from the year 2017. She is a dedicated lady who cares for the children helping them with their education.  She has one daughter studying in 4th Standard.
  3.  Balan is a volunteer teacher in Kanyakumari, around 15km from Masinagudi. This is the smallest tribal village. He works in the daytime as a shepherd and in the evenings is a sincere and dedicated teacher.
  4.  Vijitha teaches in Siriyur, which is the most remote village 25km from Masinagudi. She is a graduate and married. During the day and in the evenings she teaches in the tuition centre. She is a very hard worker and cares for the children well.
  5.  Kethi is teaching in Theppakadu village which is headquarters for Mudumalai Tiger Reserve.  Most of these children’s parents are forest department workers or elephant trainers. She is a mother of two boys and a dedicated member of staff.
  6. Sathya is a daughter of the Kurumbarpallam Headman who offered his own house for the village children to use as a tuition centre. She really cares for her village kids. She has a daughter of her own and dedicates herself to teaching and taking care of the children.

And last but not least Vidhya, Solomon’s wife. She dedicates her time to arranging the materials that need to be distributed to all the children in the different villages.