Tablets are the best medicine

During Covid, when schools were shut, the tribal children’s education suffered. Schools were able to set up and provide distance learning for their pupils, however many students had no access to a computer.

The Tiger Tree Foundation was able to help by launching a campaign to buy tablets in order to enable the children to access the distance learning. Solomon at Grace Charitable Trust was delighted that they were able to send 22 tablets, raising over £5000.

students using tablet computers

Medical Training for Jennifer

We successfully fundraised over £5000 to help towards medical training for Jennifer.

Jennifer spent a year studying intensively to pass the entrance exam that would allow her to even apply for medical training. She was one of 80,000 successful students. However, the fight for places and the cost of study in India was too high, so she applied to do her training in the Philippines.

Then the world was struck with Covid. Her families ability to fund her studies was seriously affected. This is where The Tiger Tree Foundation stepped in and helped raise funds to help her on her way.

Jennifer at her computer

You heard it here

Pooja’s implant being fitted

Pooja, who has been deaf since birth, has grown up and become more and more isolated from her friends and the outside world. With no way of calling out for help she faced a future of danger from risk of animal attacks to even the potential of rape. In February we launched a special fundraising initiative in conjunction with The Tiger Tree Foundation to finance a cochlear implant for Pooja.  A select group of generous givers each gave a minimum of £500 towards the cause.

So happy now


Pooja is doing so well, she is at home in her village and learning the names of her friends and family for the first time. As soon as her operation site is fully healed she will be going to school and will start regular speech therapy sessions.

Parking company pays

The trust was put forward as a charity to support at a gathering in June for companies who run car park facilities. For each attendee at the conference Unity5 would pay an amount to the trust. A huge thank you to ZATPARK USER GROUP for their generous donation of £1300 raised from the event. Neil Cooper from The Tiger Tree Foundation was visiting Solomon last week and was able to hand over the cheque. If you would like to get involved with some organised fundraising contact us for any help you might require regarding publicity material.