We put education first

When Grace Charitable Trust was formed just over 13years ago, it initially focused on providing safe transport to and from school for village children and financially assisting families by paying for school fees, uniforms and other classroom essentials. Once the problems of getting children to school were resolved the next step was to improve the children’s quality of learning. By providing somewhere safe where the children could do their homework they are now seeing real improvements in exam results.

School Buses

Grace Charitable Trust currently provides 4 school buses, which take children to and from school. The life expectancy of a bus is approximately seven years. Travelling daily on pot-holed roads and through monsoon rains takes it’s toll on the buses. Maintenance costs can be quite high, punctures are a regular occurrence, then there are the … Continue reading School Buses

Tuition Centres

Building a safe place to learn and play In order to encourage children to attend school and to keep their interest and motivation high it was important that Grace Charitable Trust enlisted the help of their parents. Adivasi (indigenous tribes) are from the most disadvantaged classes, they have long been living in poverty on the … Continue reading Tuition Centres

Child Sponsorship

  Grace Charitable Trust currently supports 300 children to attend school. Whilst a place at school is free for Government schools, not all children have access to a government school, in which case there are school fees to be paid. One local school has a two tiered fee structure depending on the language children are taught … Continue reading Child Sponsorship

2019 supporters picture

Jungle Adventure

Each year, in February, Grace Charitable Trust organizes a special week-long adventure for supporters and interested parties to come and see first-hand the works of the charity. Due to the global pandemic there wasn’t a supporters trip in 2021 or 2022.  Demand for our 2023 supporters trip will be high so register your interest now … Continue reading Jungle Adventure