Child Sponsorship

Grace Charitable Trust currently supports 300 children to attend school.¬†Whilst a place at school is free for Government schools, not all children have access to a government school, in which case there are school fees to be paid. One local school has a two tiered fee structure depending on the language children are taught in, Tamil or English. Given the choice most children would prefer to be educated in English, however as this is an extra cost only a few of the brightest students supported by Grace Charitable Trust can have a place there. The Trusts buys each child two school uniforms per year plus other school essentials e.g. shoes, school bags, exercise books, text books and sports equipment and clothing. It’s also important for the children to learn about their culture and their country so in addition to school based support the children get to go on outings, like riding the Ooty steam train or visiting the seaside. Back to Activities