Our Objectives


School fees and materials

In principle, the Indian State provides education for all children. However, children may live many miles from the nearest state school and therefore have little or no chance of attending. In addition, the opportunity to learn at an English Medium school is valuable for children in order to communicate in other Indian states and nations.

For children wishing to attend school, uniform and materials are alsorequired. As a result, many parents cannot afford to send their children to school or have to make huge financial sacrifices to do so. Grace Charitable trust provides financial support, uniforms and school equipment for tribal families so that children are able to attend school and families are not financially compromised.


The villages supported by Grace Charitable Trust are in remote locations, several miles from the nearest school and travelling through the tiger reserve can be highly dangerous. Grace Charitable Trust provides a school bus to safely transport the children to and from school. Knowing the journey to and from school is a safe one has encouraged many more parents to send their children.

Tuition Centres

Grace Charitable Trust has funded the construction and maintenance of tuition centres in seven tribal villages within Mudumalai tiger reserve. These tuition centres provide a place for children to do their homework; many homes are very basic without electricity, so the tuition centres allow children to receive extra tuition from a teacher and also provides a safe place to play and socialise. Many of these tuition centres now require replacing or redecorating.

We have given five of our villages two computers each, which has been a great success and they are used frequently. Our newest tuition centre in Chemmanatham will soon be fitted with many computers for the children to use for homework and research. We are hoping to increase the number of computers for the children in all of our villages so all the children will have access to modern technology.


In many villages, the use of unqualified physicians, herbal remedies and religious treatments are still practiced. Grace Charitable Trust encourages all children to have regular health checks and access to a doctor when required.

Cultural Awareness

Finally, Grace Charitable Trust is committed to educating tribal villagers about how to live safely within the tiger reserve and the importance of caring for the environment. The children are taken on trips in order to experience new cultures and above all to have fun!

 The services provided by Grace Charitable Trust are absolutely vital to ensure the education and safety of tribal children but to continue providing this support we urgently need donations. Please click here to donate and give a tribal child the opportunities that all children should have.