We’re going to have to dig deep for our latest fundraiser, which is to buy a Jeep for the children to attend school in Kil Kotagiri. Watch the video to see how they travel to school now.

Driver, 3 adults, 11 children!!!

For this project we initially wanted a school bus, but the amount of hairpin bends, narrowness of the road and broken road surfaces ruled this out.

Another alternative was to raise funds to continue paying for the taxi service that they are currently using. However there is only one taxi in the area and if they get an airport run or equivalent they will take it and that day the kids can’t go to school. The next available taxi is 1hr away in Kotagiri, they don’t need to travel for work such as this so it’s not an option.

Ultimately the best solution is to buy a Jeep. The vehicle is rugged enough to cope with the roads, has a shorter turning circle to deal with hairpin bends and by doing two trips each morning and afternoon can transport all the children.

Our fundraising is to cover the cost of purchasing the Jeep, tax and insurance to get it on the road, a drivers salary and petrol costs.